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To our customers, our mission is to consistently exceed our customer's expectations by providing quality, cost-effective and value added services that not only meet their needs today but are built with the future in mind. To our employees, our mission is to provide an environment that is family friendly, growth oriented, and mutually rewarding by "sharing our vision".

Core Values

We value the talent and contributions of those with whom we work. We partner with our colleagues in addressing challenges and celebrating successes. We strive to grow our own knowledge, skills, and abilities and enable others to do the same by providing coaching, mentoring, new opportunities, and constructive feedback. Everything we do is based on following core values that define who we are, how we perform and what we aspire to.

Customer Focus

We engage in respectful, collaborative, timely, and complete dialogue. We clearly convey ideas and share our point of view, while maintaining an openness to different perspectives. We listen to understand and respectfully question as a means or in order to achieve clarity of message and expectations. We openly discuss critical issues directly with the people involved, not leaving important things issues/matters/topic unsaid unaddressed and delivering difficult messages with care.


We take pride in our work and it shows. Whether within ourselves, in the way we conduct business, interact with clients, work with our   partners or develop software, we carry a strong work ethic and a   conviction that things have to be done the right way with an integrated manner.


We are proud of the capabilities of our employees who consistently demonstrate the highest levels of skill and expertise that keep us at the forefront of high technology optics.


The application of and improvement upon best practice is a fundamental working process within Hcare.We set challenging performance targets and consider the need for continuous improvement to be a major part of our culture, with individuals and project teams striving to refine and enhance processes.We create the business processes required to ensure quality is built into the core of our services.


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Electronic Medical Records
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Technology Support
Technology Outsourcing
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Test Automation
Performance Testing
Integration Testing
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